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Festival record - largest knitted mittens

Biggest knitted mittens - 1.65 m long, 55 cm wide - were knitted by 7 women in Raubonys village (Pasvalys district) during the community craft festival "Vilnonės dienos" and Pasvalys town festival on 10-17 September 2016.

During the whole day of the Pasvalys Town Festival, we were working hard to finish the gloves that we had started to knit during the 2nd Crafts Festival "Vilnonės dienos". It took 20 hours to knit them! We knitted for 12 hours during the "Vilnonės dienos" Craft Festival and for 8 hours during the Pasvalys Town Festival. On the same day, the record-breaking gloves were presented to the public. Most of the suggestions were to use them as sleeping bags or as coats. Fellow Norwegians joked that they would be worn by trolls, but most likely for photo shoots. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this record!

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