About the festival

Festivalis „Vilnonės dienos“ – pats švelniausias festivalis iš visų vykstančių Lietuvoje, nes jame karaliauja vilna. Jis vyksta labai gražiame Tatulos upės slėnyje, šalia  kultūros paveldo objekto Raubonių vandens malūno – vilnų karšyklos verpyklos. Festivalis jau žinomas visos Lietuvos mastu. Kadangi Raubonių kaimas įsikūręs netoli Latvijos, šiuo festivaliu jau susidomėjo ir kaimyninės šalies amatininkai.

Festivalis „Vilnonės dienos“ – dviejų dienų renginys malūne ir karšykloje-verpykloje bei prie jos esančioje Tatulos upės pakrantėje. Festivalis, skirtas susipažinti su vilnos apdirbimo galimybėmis, išbandyti pirčių šilumą, pasiklausyti ir pasišokti skambant tradicinės muzikos garsams, pasižiūrėti teatro pastatymų ir šauniai praleisti laiką!

In the craftsman’s courtyard you will be able to see how sheep are sheared and then try to do it yourself, learn about fur making, yarn dyeing, wool felting, stripe knitting and weaving, basket weaving, clay molding, ceramics, blacksmithing, ethno sign drawing, candle casting, glove knitting. In the bathhouse yard you will have a chance to try a special wool bathhouse, get acquainted with the traditions of bathhouses. Children's yard will feature canvas drawing, agile games, shadow theater. At the fair, you will be able to purchase a wide variety of products which will bring joy to you and your relatives.

The festival will be filled with fascinating melodies which will be performed by using round musical composition, folklore ensembles will invite you to sing and dance together, and in the evening a group of modern rock folklore and a unique fire show will leave you breathless. There will also be a theatre for children and adults as well as a traditional musical ensemble performance. All fans of the wool processing technology will have an opportunity to see the authentic equipment, the wool carding process, the history of the old mill, the sketches of the territory.

You won‘t leave with empty stomach because in the festival will present the culinary heritage of Pasvalys region: the most delicious dumplings will be made by Raubonys community cooks, Namišiai community will present dishes made from beestings, Daujėnai community will offer its special strengthening porridge and Atžalynas will serve a dish called angel wings which will bring back childhood memories. The festival already has regular participants who bring in a new group of friends each year. Be sure to visit us and join this lovely event. Everyone is welcome!